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We specialise in Real Estate Trust Accounting.

Allow us handle your trust accounting, so you can return your focus to where it matters most.

Introduction to Think Cloud Solutions

As a Real Estate Principal, you face an array of challenges, especially when it comes to the compliant management of your trust account. It’s not just about the complexity of transactions but about the serious consequences of mismanagement, including hefty fines, your licence being put at risk, or even jail time. Think Cloud Solutions is the solution to this high-stakes environment, offering expert trust accounting services that address these very issues head-on.


You know that errors and issues in trust accounting can spiral into significant legal problems. In-house property management staff often lack the specialised knowledge required for flawless trust accounting, leading to errors that are costly and can severely damage a business's reputation. The risk is compounded when staff take leave or when there's a high turnover, leaving principals scrambling to fill gaps in knowledge and expertise.


Moreover, the spectre of government spot checks looms large for real estate principals. Without the assurance of expert handling, these checks can become a source of immense stress and potential legal jeopardy. Non-compliance with trust accounting regulations can lead to severe penalties, making the role of a skilled trust accountant essential.


Think Cloud Solutions offers a seamless solution to these challenges. By outsourcing your trust accounting to experienced professionals, you can eliminate the worry associated with staff leave, inexperience, and compliance deadlines. Our services ensure that your trust accounting is managed with the highest level of expertise and attention to detail, freeing you to focus on the growth and development of your real estate business.


We understand that bank reconciliations and compliance with trust accounting standards are the backbone of your agency’s integrity. Our team of experts are adept at navigating these complex requirements, ensuring that your trust account is always balanced. When Fair Trading, Consumer Affairs, or your state’s regulator conducts spot checks, you can face them with confidence, knowing your trust account is in expert hands.

Meet Our Founders

Sonia Mammino-Rahme


Sonia Mammino-Rahme, a cornerstone of Think Cloud Solutions, brings over three decades of extensive experience to the real estate sector, having embarked on her career at just 19 years old. Balancing her professional life with being a devoted mother to three boys, Sonia's journey in real estate is marked by her dedication and passion. Her unique expertise stems from her former role as a NSW Fair Trading Investigator, where she investigated trust account fraud, among other things, honing her skills and understanding of the legal, accounting and ethical frameworks that underpin the real estate industry.


Lorelle Ursino


Lorelle Ursino stands as a pivotal figure at Think Cloud Solutions with over 38 years of real estate experience. As a mother to twins and a loving owner of two dogs, Lorelle balances her personal commitments with a deep-seated passion for the real estate industry. Her expertise is unparalleled, especially in developing trust accounting software, a testament to her innovative approach and forward-thinking.


Lorelle's role extends beyond trust accounting software development. She has served in a vital advisory capacity to many software companies, guiding them through the intricate maze of trust accounting needs and solutions for the real estate industry. Her reputation as a problem solver is well-established. When real estate principals face challenges in their trust account, they turn to Lorelle for her wisdom, experience, and ability to dissect and resolve complex issues.


Her leadership at Think Cloud Solutions is about inspiring change, fostering innovation, and setting new standards in the industry. Lorelle's commitment to excellence and problem-solving ensures that the company remains at the forefront of trust accounting solutions, providing clients with reliability, transparency, and unparalleled service.

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